Police Opt Out Of Accountability

Posted by Anonymous on Mon 22 Oct 2012 at 18:51

Suppose if I were a bus driver, out on my rounds, driving drunk and recklessly and somewhere along the line there was a dreadful fatal collision. The next morning I agreed to give a written statement but absolutely refused to meet the investigators of the crash, refusing to tell them, in person, my version of events.

Furthermore, what would you think if my wilful unaccountable silence was known about yet decidedly not reported and positively glazed over in the media when reporting on the event?

I think it's fair to say it might raise a few eyebrows. I might be considered some kind of blase maniac, who thought himself above the law. An arrogant criminal idiot perhaps, absurdly and silently protected by the press.

Yet outrageously, a similar thing has just happened in front of us all. In 2012 and in Britain - with our supposed accountable Police Force! According to the BBC News Website (hidden in only two lines of news, barely a proper mention) all 31 police officers present at the dubiously murky killing of Mark Duggan have totally wilfully yet entirely legally - refused to help in the IPCC investigation. 31 officers have refused to be interviewed by the IPCC, and that's including all Firearms Officers.

The Police Officers eligible have roundly decided to partake only in the absolute bare legal minimum requirement. Yes they have given written statements (how wonderfully helpful of them). But help further? No of course not. Better instead, they might think, to look after their own rather than find justice for a man shot to death in the street. A fine sense of justice for a Police Officer to have!

It was this kind of wilful shocking dismissal of the public that helped to ignite the riots of Tottenham. And this flagrant display of incredulous behaviour from those supposed to protect and serve shows me something is very wrong with the Met Polices recruitment and training process. Clearly a code of silent honour still hovers still over the murky back waters of the Metropolitan Police. It's time we remind the Met Police there is no silent honour amongst criminals.

There is no better moment than now, in the aftermath of a fatal clash, for a motion to be made to make the IPCC wholly independent and given power to compel Police Officers to partake fully in investigations. It's the least the public deserve and respect.

To quote the Police's very own diktat right back at them, if you've nothing to hide, you won't mind us investigating.

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