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Posted by MalcolmLody on Tue 9 Mar 2010 at 15:47
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I sent this letter to both Liberty and Big Brother Watch as yet they have not replied.

With regard to surveillance.I have ME which is a chronic metabolic disorder.I am severely disabled.
Two years ago just before my SDA reassessment,I believe that Northampton Borough Council using anti terrorist legislation broke into my computer destroying the memory and entered my house.At the reassessment the doctor was very aggressive refused to allow me to speak and when I gave her the list of symptoms,she said that it was irrelevant ,when I tried to read them out she became even more aggressive and repeated that my symptoms were irrelevant ..I put the piece of paper on the desk where upon she pulled the paper towards her and flicked it at me with her finger.she removed my SDA and dismissed the illness as psychological.My psychological and consultant reports were ignored.

At the appeal tribunal 6 months later,I was laughed at,sneered at and told that my problems were due to my taking a sleeping tablet.But it became clear to me that I was being treated with abuse, because they had information that I had had a foreign holiday obtained by destroying my computer..There was no legal representative of the state present, simply that they knew that they were behaving illegally and the legal rep would have had to reveal it and no doubt the details of my surveillance.My appeal failed.

I have been to ill to make any enquiries or to do anything
about it.

Malcolm Lody