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Posted by Popplo1074 on Thu 20 Aug 2009 at 21:41
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Britain has slowly become a police state since 1997 when Labour came into power. The CCTV Networks, with public transport, communication devices, mobile phone tracking, vehicle tracking, the DNA Database and in Overseas travel with the UK Borders agency. These are some examples of what our country now has thanks to this Labour government, some is needed due to the terrorist threat, but no where near as much as what it is now. We are a surveillanced society, we are watched every day of our lives. We need to get our privacy back, because if we do nothing about it, then it will continue to get worse and worse. Whether the tories deal with it when they come into power, i don't know, i hope they do because i prefere them a lot more that Brown and his muttonheaded Labour party.
Lets hope that the police state/nanny state stops now, and we can return to being a free country.