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My views on Britain's Police State

Posted by Popplo1074 on Thu 20 Aug 2009 at 21:41
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Britain has slowly become a police state since 1997 when Labour came into power. The CCTV Networks, with public transport, communication devices, mobile phone tracking, vehicle tracking, the DNA Database and in Overseas travel with the UK Borders agency. These are some examples of what our country now has thanks to this Labour government, some is needed due to the terrorist threat, but no where near as much as what it is now. We are a surveillanced society, we are watched every day of our lives. We need to get our privacy back, because if we do nothing about it, then it will continue to get worse and worse. Whether the tories deal with it when they come into power, i don't know, i hope they do because i prefere them a lot more that Brown and his muttonheaded Labour party.
Lets hope that the police state/nanny state stops now, and we can return to being a free country.


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Re: My views on Britain's Police State
Posted by Anonymous (149.254.xx.xx) on Wed 26 Aug 2009 at 17:53
Yes as a life-long member of HM Forces i to have seen an ever increasing surge towards a full-blown police state since 1997, i find this deeply worrying and very sad, ironic that the "Working Class" government chooses to oppress and intimidate it's own citizens more and more as the years go by, there never seems to be a week goes by without a new law or new fine that causes further oppression.
Sadly i do not think changing your vote from Red to Blue will make any difference, we will eventually become a fully blown police state.
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Re: My views on Britain's Police State
Posted by Anonymous (94.197.xx.xx) on Sat 26 Jun 2010 at 12:13
The Police now i think have lost sight of complete law enforcement in th UK.

They have powers now that even they don't know they have and it does worry me because like all positions of authority in is open to total and utter abuse by any individual average PC. Examples the Police reform act 2002 s.59 allows certian respected public figures ie Police Officers to seize a persons vehicle/s if they deem it need be "how can that be policing" or legal?

Section 165 of the RTA act 1988 as amended allows the Police if they stop you to sieze and impound your vehicle if they believe anyone to be uninsured "i agree with this up to a certain point". If your not insured you shouldn't be on the road plain and simple.

But what if you are insured and pay exstortionate insurance premiums but your "thick" insurance company fail to update put your details on the MID which most forces now carry in their patrol cars they assume your uninsured seize and impound your vehicle "how can than be Democracy" ?? Then a private recovery company "Robb" you for a £150 release fee once you prove you were a law abiding citizen and we're insured all along. When you try to get your hard earned £150 back your told "pursue your ins company" their fault yeah right.

Secondly the Police now have sweeping new powers to seize your vehicle even if you and the vehicle are fully legal they'll say to you oh we think it's been involved in a crime you then ask "what crime" they'll say "a crime" that's your only explanation your vehicles then dragged away again by another "ripp off" private recovery company who will charge you another £150 once the police say it can be released back to you. Bearing in mind your not arrested for any wrong doing at the same time. "worrying stuff eh"?

All this does worry me because if some thug or criminal forcefully took your vehicle from you thats called legally "Taking without the owners consent" but these people who call themselves law enforcers now do it to their own people i dread to think how often nationwide on a daily basis this is happening???????? Scary Movie material

This has to stop now full stop this is not England anymore it's basicly diluted communist China the state says something and it's actioned any resistance is futile " YEAH RIGHT" we all need to start fighting back any of you reading this may agree you may not?

But think about it like this these idiots called Police Force's patrolling our streets come from the same society that we all so they're not super human with special powers like some of them think they possess when they've finished a shift they go back to their daily normal lives just like all of us do but my point being this. You all may read this if it is posted but once you become victim to the Police's new special powers "i hope none of you do" but if so then and only then will you realise that Policing in the UK anymore is not about commen sense or fighting crime it's about each and everyone of us being deprived of our Civil Liberties oppression and down right Police have the last say.

I'll leave you with this "To serve and protect" serve and protect who ?

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Re: My views on Britain's Police State
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