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Ben Flanagan / Fraud Case

Posted by clocktower11 on Mon 17 Jan 2011 at 15:37
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Something very wrong about this one. To the causual observer this might appear like a case of 2 fraudsters getting caught and getting their just deserts which was what i thought when I heard about it.

However some interesting facts came out when the jury was not sitting;

1) The prosecuting police officer, DC Ben Flanagan of the City of London Police has been previously investigated by his peers for Fraud, Corruption, Assault and tampering with witness statements

2) Flanagan's Class A drug habit was not allowed to be introduced into evidence.

3) One of the main prosecution witnesses a Mr Trevor Bedwell gave evidence that he had no previous convictions... He has and he has a lot of them !! Some for fraud and others for fraud related offenses. The judge refused to allow this into evidence and let the jury see the details.

4) The defendants who are now in prison were accused of defrauding an america bank. Yet the accused, Ganandrem was able to supply to the court details that these same people were actually paying his rent on his apartment up to a short time ago.. Some fraud that was.

5) DC Flanagan had been persuing Ganandrem for nearly 3 years before this case came to the attention of the media.. This was not allowed to be introduced to evidence and put before a jury .

6) No actual money was lost and the part which they were convicted of, Conspiracy to defraud,, the mortgage broker actually admitted in evidence that she was the person who completed the mortgage forms....

Something very very wrong on this...