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Abortion and cannabis

Posted by helen on Thu 8 May 2008 at 17:38
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Two links:

1. Nadine Dorries, a pro-life MP currently campaigning for a reduction in the legal time limit for abortions from 24 weeks to 20, recently released a list of "20 reasons for 20 weeks". Pro-choice campaigners Coalition for Choice has recently retorted with "24 reasons for 24 weeks, fight back for women’s rights to abortion. This has been masterminded by my good friend Penny Red - we all helped her brainstorm reasons when I was round for dinner on Tuesday night, and the final draft of the list has evolved considerably. I think it's a damn strong article, and hugely admire Penny for carrying this forward. She's also released a related article focussing on David Cameron's anti-choice campaigning. Both are very much worth a read. And if you'd care to propagate the link to "24 reasons", please, please do - the more widely read it is the better.

2. A detailled (and unusually balanced) article about the reclassification of cannabis. I'm disgusted and drained by the whole palaver - surely, SURELY there are better ways for the government to spend their time and money? But it's refreshing to see that not all reporting is wholly sensationalist, even if this one does rather skimp over the medicinal benefits of cannabis to certain groups, and other liberal examples of workable legislation - for example, Canada's. This doesn't have to be a choice between Holland/puritanism. I mean hell, we could even try leaving the law how it is for once, rather than niggling and tweaking and worrying at it as if we were didn't have anything better to do.