ID card scheme well underway

This Guardian article about airline pilots refusing to comply with a compulsory trial of national ID cards also contains some more general information about the progress of the ID card programme (which includes the National Identity Register). It seems that our government has already signed two ten year contracts worth 650 million pounds - quite a commitment for any subsequent government to back out of (i.e. when the Tories are almost-inevitably elected next year). Further adding to the problems for those opposed to ID cards and the NIR is that Labour have now heavily entangled the National Identity Register with the new passport specification and implementation - meaning that there will be plenty of handy excuses for the Tories to keep most of the scheme after all.

Update: The BBC are reporting that ID cards will be available in Manchester this autumn.




Re: ID card scheme well underway
Posted by Anonymous (86.167.xx.xx) on Tue 26 May 2009 at 00:24
check out Charlie Skelton of the Guardian ref Bildeberg 2009. I think once you read this you will definately understand that we must fight against this. Also check Wikileaks and read the document from the DVLA that confirms I.D. cards are already being printed for non-nationals, printed from a co-owned machine betweem DVLA and Home office!!!!
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