ISPs condemn government plans

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"The volume of data the government now proposes [we] should collect and retain will be unprecedented, as is the overall level of intrusion into the privacy of citizenry." -- LINX*, commenting on the government's proposed plans to monitor all Internet communications (email, Facebook, etc).

Full article in The Times.

* the London Internet Exchange, representing 300+ ISPs and related companies.




Re: ISPs condemn government plans
Posted by denny (94.194.xx.xx) on Mon 3 Aug 2009 at 16:19 [ Send Message | View Weblogs ]

Topically, Bruce Schneier posted this today (emphasis added by me):

"Every year brings more Internet censorship and control -- not just in countries like China and Iran, but in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other free countries.

"The control movement is egged on by both law enforcement, trying to catch terrorists, child pornographers and other criminals, and by media companies, trying to stop file sharers.

"It's bad civic hygiene to build technologies that could someday be used to facilitate a police state. No matter what the eavesdroppers and censors say, these systems put us all at greater risk. Communications systems that have no inherent eavesdropping capabilities are more secure than systems with those capabilities built in." l

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