Media Management and Manipulation

The Guardian has published an article about how the police, the IPCC, and the media handled the story of Ian Tomlinson's death. The article says that Ian's family are intending to file a second complaint with the IPCC, this one regarding the trail of misinformation that followed the incident - some of it looking a lot like whitewashing. Of particular interest is the fact that the IPCC attempted to have both pieces of video evidence removed from public view.




Re: Media Management and Manipulation
Posted by johnqpublican (88.96.xx.xx) on Thu 30 Apr 2009 at 10:19 [ Send Message ]
What we need is a Sam Vimes. Someone whose integrity and commitment to the idea that the Watchmen must always be watched, that only rot happens in the shadows, is so clear and widely accepted that they can be trusted to lead our police force. Will the real, straight copper please stand up?
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