Getting Away With Murder

The following article is reproduced from various locations on the web, where it carries a notice requesting that people republish it as widely as possible. It was originally published on but has subsequently been removed. We are currently attempting to contact the author to confirm it is okay to reproduce the article here.

Update: We've now spoken to Peter via email and he's asked us to take the piece down, as he did himself, on the request of Ian Tomlinson's family's legal team. The article contained an eye-witness account of the events immediately prior to Ian's death and the subsequent IPCC investigation, and some of the information it contained may be relevant in future legal proceedings. We hope to republish the article, perhaps with further updates, at a future date.




Re: Getting Away With Murder
Posted by Anonymous (94.197.xx.xx) on Sat 31 Jul 2010 at 09:51
I personally hope i cop gets pushed over and have a interesting outcome now to see the two standards at work in the country! the US and THEM has never been so clear.

Maybe if a cop gets killed the same M.E can look at the body and come to the same incompetent results and as pushing a person over so he dies later on we should all push a cop over as its not against the law is it! if it was the the cop who pushed ian over would of been charged would he not ?
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