Police at EDL Demo in Preston

Last Saturday, EDL were protesting in Preston. Near the end of the demo, the police took the strange decision to herd all the spectators and Christmas shoppers along with some stray EDL supporters down a street using mounted police. This video shows what happened. At one stage there is a scuffle where the police seem to target someone from the crowd and then head out to arrest them. As they moved down the street, the police even drag people out of shops, telling stores to close. Just to reiterate - the people the police were herding were not the main body of EDL supporters, but members of the general public, many of whom were out shopping. Why the police did this is a mystery as there was no danger to the people spectating. In fact there was more danger caused by the police action. As the police forced the people down the street, the EDL supporters who hadn't managed to make the main demo got forced together and you can hear them become more vocal.

The raw footage is available - leave a message on the video if you want any raw footage and it will be put online.