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what has become of the UK

Posted by itsjustaride on Fri 5 Jul 2013 at 02:40
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What has happened to the UK.

A good friend of mine has in recent years become very ill. He has been suffering with very bad mental health problems and cannot cope with even the simplest of tasks. For him to leave the house he takes vallium to calm him just enough to get out of the door and by the time he gets back he is an absolute mess, suffering panic attacks and sleepless nights. Yet when he tried to sign on the sick he told that he was fit to work. His own doctor who had signed him not fit to work was over ruled by a private company that gets paid to get people of the sick!

I have another friend that claims JSA (Job seekers allowance). He has always worked hard and has rarely taken a day of work. But because he did not have the right ID when he went to a jobcentre for a job interview, a jobcentre where he is known to them I might add. They stopped his money and have left him to fend for himself. He has now been forced to take a paper round which is utterly demeaning to him and is starting to cause him to become very depressed.

What happed to this country? We know live in a country where a man who wants to work has to do a 13 year olds paper round and a man who cant work is forced of the sick and is becoming deeply depressed and unhappy. This is absolutely disgusting and sickening to see. And the government’s claim that they need to get people back to work and off benefits is great. It would be better still if there were jobs for these people to take. There is no transport either to get people to a new job if it’s over ten miles away from where you live. Yet the police state and big government grows day by day, heading towards a place that I don’t want to go and I’m sure you don’t.

Please, please start to fight back. Refuse to conform to these tyrants on all levels. We, the working class, the middle class even the people who have millions in your bank account need to stop fighting each other and start pushing back against the super rich, the 0.001%. Because if we don’t, soon, we will be living in a neo feudalistic nightmare with no chance to pull our selves back to our feet.

Darren Glossop.