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the police state is here.

Posted by itsjustaride on Fri 5 Jul 2013 at 02:42
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The police state is here.
Imagine you lived in country where you need to tell the police in advance that you were going to protest. Not only this but you had to tell them the, date and time, the route and the name/s and addresses of the organisers. Imagine that after this the police could then limit or change the route of your march and set any other condition on your protest that they deem necessary, for example, stop the protest all together. Imagine a country where the state could tell you your not “bright” enough to get married. Imagine a country where children can be snatched away from their parents for as little as a rumour of child abuse and the children are then taken to institutions that are riddled to the core with paedophiles. Well you don’t have to imagine, if you live in the UK you are living in that country.

As people have been steadily lied to and conditioned over the past 30 to 40 years, we have become more and more pliable and easily managed by the corporate fascist state that we have blindly let our country become. Our country has become rotten to the core because it has become rotten at the top. We let our elected officials, steal, lie and cheat and in turn they let the corporations, steal, lie and cheat. The people who look up to our elected officials also, steal, lie and cheat because “if its good enough for them its good enough for us”. And so a nation will fall. Every empire that has become rotten at the top has fallen into disarray until the criminals who control the state are brought to justice and punished to the full extent to the law.
Have you noticed how everything is falling apart at the same time, its exploding as if it were being destroyed from within? The Middle East is on the verge of a wider regional war, the worlds economy is stalling. In this country business is failing, the NHS is one bad winter away from total collapse and food parcels for people who were working a year ago are increasing by the day. And the reason for this is? The owners of this country, the big corporations the super rich bankers that control the world want more money to give to their criminal buddies at the golf club and more power for themselves. As for me and you? Fuck you your not in the gang.

Can we turn this around? Yes, but I think that it is too late to avoid a total collapse of the worlds economy. People you better wake up, these incremental changes that keep happening, the new legislation that gets created to take away more of our freedoms are happening so quickly now that I truly believe that the powers that be are about to bring that big government boot down on our collective necks. And once it is down i don’t think we will ever push it off again. The police state isn’t coming my friends its fucking here. And we all better pull our heads out of the sand before we wake up one morning with a fucking camera in your living room.

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